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Wheels, Tires & Brakes

Keeping the rubber side down is dependent (but not limited to) the quality & design of your tires. We can recommend the best tires for your motorcycle that best meets your needs.

Pilot Power for sport bikes

Pilot Road for sport touring

We stock most sizes of Michelin Pilots. Metzeler & Pirelli also available.



BST designs and manufactures carbon fibre wheels for most motorcycle models. Ultra light and strong, you will immediately feel the difference in handling of your bike. And they look great.


BST wheels are street legal and accommodate most brake systems. They are not affected by UV light that creates a cloudy look to lesser quality brands.

OZ is an italian company that designs and manufactures forged aluminum and magnesium wheels for race and street. Established in 1971, the company is heavily involved in GP, WSBK, Endurance & AMA racing as well as producing wheels for the OEM market.


Although not as light as carbon fibre, the advantage of aluminum and magnesium wheels is weight savings giving much improved handling and responsivenes of your bike.

BrakeTech developed the high tech AXIS™ full-floating system which utilizes floater buttons. This enables brake pads to maintain constant pressure eliminating chatter.  This simple and effective design was patented in 2005.


BrakeTech offers three distinctly different material combinations, stainless, iron & composite. For more technical detail, click the logo to the left and check out their website.

The beauty of Brembo products is availability of replacement parts and rebuild kits. If you are considering a rebuild or an upgrade, we can advise you and provide the parts and service for your brake or clutch project.

Goodridge makes top quality fittings for brakes, clutch and other fluid transfer systems. Fittings are available in zinc plated, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum. We stock plated fittings for motorcycles as well as steel braided hose to custom fit hoses to your bike. Stainless and anodized aluminum is by special order. Hoses and fittings come in a variety colours.


We can build lines for you or provide the pieces and you build.

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