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Miro's 998

 I can still remember when Miro first walked into our shop, it was back in 2002 and he wanted to buy a Yellow 998 we had sitting on the floor.

 We couldn't agree on thr price so he decided to leave it for another day. 


 I don't remember exactly when he did walk back in, it might have been a month or so later but he did end up buying that bike.


 Over the years, i did some minor changes including adding a 54mm Sil-Moto full exhaust system and a PC3.


 Then a few years later he came in and we talked about a number of upgrades. Those upgrades included motor work and changes to the way his bike looked.

 He has ridden for most of his life so making the bike handle sharper and a little lighter were some of the things he wanted to work on.

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