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Jeffrey's 996

I'm trying to remember the first time Jeffrey walk into my shop. I think it was the summer of '92, and back then he rode a Honda Fireblade. Many years later he bought my '99 996 BIP.

Sometime in 2000 he bought my 996.

For the next 6 years Jeffrey started building the Ducati he wanted or invisioned. He started with having the heads flowed and bigger valves installed. His 996 was a biposto so the dual seat had to go. I found a carbon fibre race seat along with an aluminum sub-frame to install. The painting of the solo seat was done by Kerry at First Choice. A year later an Arrow exhaust system was installed and a FIM chip was installed to help with setting up the fueling.  Another year passed, and we installed Marchesini magesium wheels. The last bit of work done was in 2005, and I installed Discacciati brake rotors and a Brembo radial master cylinder.


Fast forward to 2015. One day I get a call from Jeffrey and we are soon talking about everything that has gone by in the last 10 years. It's late fall and his 996 is back in the shop and the engine is out of the chassis as you can see in the photo.



 The crank cases were split and so the fun begins. The crank was sent off to Falicon, to be lightened, knife edged, polished and dynamically balanced.  In order for a crank to be balanced, the weight of the rods, pistons, wrist pins, rings, circlips and rod bearings have to be added up and used to make up a bobweight. 


The reason we choose to build a stronger crank is to deal with the high compression Pistal pistons we are going to be installing.


Attaching the lighter and higher compression pistons to the crank are a set of Carrillo rods.


The starting place in building a strong bottom end was using higher quality bearings on both ends of the crank. The OEM bearings are just not up to the job in a engine that spins up faster and is making a lot more horsepower. If you are going to build something like this you want it to last and be reliable.


 If you're going to make more horsepower,  adding some bigger valves will help.

However, to really take advantage of bigger valves you will need to cut the valve seats properly and then blend the valve seat into the ports. Of course, if you are going racing then you will need to have the heads flowed in order to maximize, what's coming in and what's going out.

We did manage to install some bigger valves but as you can see, we can't go to big because the valve seats are already maxed out.

 This Ducati has evolved into a motorcycle that is refined and very adjustible to suit most of the rider's needs.

It's stable and agile all at the same time and gives you the confidence you want when needed.

The newer Ducati's may be faster but they don't have the feed back and planted feel that these Ducati's have.

I can hear the moaning already from some of my friends who ride the new/newer Ducati's but they haven't ridden a Ducati like this.

These Ducati's don't tell you what time of day it is or try to control hp delivery or even tell you what gear you are in. They are about riding at your ability not some computer telling the bike what to do. 


Like most motorheads you can never have enough horsepower. So, in order to achieve some bigger numbers Jeffrey decided to increase the size of the exhaust.

There are not a lot of companies building big exhaust any more for the 996. However, the guys at Sil Motor will if you're not in a hurry.


 Going to a bigger exhaust system changes everything. Yes, it definitely produces more hp but what you really notice with a big twin is the exhaust note, it's much deeper and has presence. it's tangible.

It now the fall of 2018 and I finally get a chance to drive out to Vancouver and deliver Jeffrey's 996 to him.

It was a bit of a journey.

Drove to New Denver first, woke up the next morning to snow on the ground and I'm thinking great. Well by the time we got to Vancouver it was evening but still warm.

Next morning it's still nice out and not raining.

After dropping off the 996, we're sitting in a coffee shop and talking about when we first met and then about what the first ride will be like.

I know, I test rode the 996.

Hopefully, I won't have to wait long to hear what he thinks.

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