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Power Commander products are plug-n-play fuel management devices pre-programmed with make/model specific maps. Users can select a Power Commander map, a custom-built map, or even fine tune low, mid or high rpm ranges. By far the best maps are the custom maps which are unique to each bike, not just make and model.


PCFC Features:


  • Uses OEM style connectors and high quality wiring harnesses

  • Small, lightweight and easy-to-fit on the bike

  • Pre-programmed with PCFC Power Maps specific to make, model

  • No computer necessary for modifying fuel management

  • Fully adjustable computer compatibility for ultimate tuning and personalization

  • Software is compatible with Power Commander, so you can download Power Commander maps to the PCFC

  • Integrated O2 Optimizer where applicable

  • +250 / -100 fuel change. Enough adjustment to cover almost all modifications

  • Enhanced “accel pump” utility when you need to adjust your fuel curve for quick throttle 

Diagnosing Electronic Problems

Starting and running problems can be caused by faulty electronics. Regulators, throttle position sensors (TPS), electronic control unit (ECU) and microswitches are common culprits. While we are able to read error codes from the ECU, diagnosing the problem can be a matter of trial and error. We carry both OEM and quality aftermarket replacement electronics.

Custom Maps for ECU's and Power Commanders

The very best performance is attained when an ECU is reflashed (wiped clean) and remapped for the specific bike. Each bike is slightly different and custom mapping corrects for the bike's unique quirks. Benefits include increased engine efficiency, better gas mileage, increased horsepower, smooter running engine.


There are two stages to custom mapping. The first is the ECU reflash and remapping, and the second is the installation and custom mapping of the Power Commander. Generic maps can be downloaded from the internet but performance results are often mediocre. However, it is an economical approach for a DIY. We custom map for your bike using our dyno. Once the maximum performance has been established, the map is stored in the bike's Power Commander unit.

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