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Don's 2007 S4RS

This is one of our winter projects starting in 2015. Don talked about doing the motor up last summer, and in October he drove to Calgary and dropped off his motorcycle. We talked about removing the motor and tearing it down right to the crank and starting from there. Don has done a lot of upgrades on the S4RS himself and it takes a while to pick out everything. If you look closely you will notice that the wheels are BST carbon wheels. And yes, those are actual carbon fibre rotors attached to those wheels.


Last summer he came to us to fix a small problem with the running of the motorcycle. Once that was corrected, I ran it on the dyno to see how it was really running. Talked Don into letting me build him a new map for the PC3. I think he really liked the way the bike ran after that.


Over the next few weeks I will post photos of the motor stripped down, what everything looks like, some of the pieces that we are changing and how it looks going back together. All the new pieces are in and we are only waiting for the crank to return from Falicon and then we will start re-assembly of the motor.

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