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Bike Stands

Pit Bull has been manufacturing motorcycle stands in the U.S. since 1994. It's THE motorcycle stand to have and backed by the best warranty in the business! Stocky and undeniably tough, Pitull motorcycle stands are made of high grade tubing with squared-off shoulders giving them the distinctive shape. Gold and red colors make them unmistakable at the racetrack. We use them in our shop both in the service area and our showroom; we know that we are not going to have tip-over mishap with these stands.

Pitbull makes rear stands for single-side swingarms and traditional dual-side swingarms along with a variety of top supports and billet spools. 

Front stands come in one of two forms: models that lift from under the forks and models that lift from under the steering stem. The primary reason to lift from the stem would be to remove the forks, although many riders who will never remove their own forks still use a Headlift Stand. Some riders like lifting from the stem as it takes the load off their suspension during long term storage. Others prefer to have the pin in the hole which makes the bike harder to knock over if they have active kids running through the garage. 

The other option lifts from under the forks, and is available in a variety of configurations. Some lift with a peg that goes into the hole in the bottom of the works, while others cradle the bottom of the forks. Pit Bull Hybrid Forklift Front is an example of the type of stand that cradles the bottom of the forks.

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